Immerse yourself in 300 years of history in the heart of New Orleans. This tour covers the complete background of the French Quarter, the oldest and most vibrant neighborhood in the city, and ends at St. Louis Cemetery #1. The French Quarter is a place of constant change, settled by the French, ruled by the Spanish, occupied by the Americans, and the second largest port of entry for Italian immigrants in the 19th century. In the 20th century it became a haven for artists, musicians and bohemians.

The latter half of the tour is devoted to what Mark Twain referred to as one of our “Cities of the Dead”.

New Orleans in 1790 was expanding exponentially. This created a problem: in a city where high ground was at a premium for the living, there was no place for the dead. To solve this problem, St Louis Cemetery was constructed in a swampy section behind the city referred to as “a city of the dead” by Mark Twain. A great place to learn about the history and traditions of City Of New Orleans is by exploring this city of the dead, the oldest cemetery still in use in New Orleans .

After the tour it will become apparent why New Orleans is Americas’ Most Interesting City.

JOIN US! Reservations are recommended. We offer the French Quarter Tour coupled with a tour of St. Louis Cemetery everyday except holidays at 11am. Make Reservations here or Call or text (504) 300-9489. The tour is roughly two hours. We meet at Washington Artillery Park 768 Decatur

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