New Orleans Self Guided audio tours

We are excited to announce a partnership with Voicemap self-guide GPS audio tours. These are perfect if you can’t make one of our Free to Join, Guided Tours. but you’d like more detail then on our self guided tours. These tours work offline on your phone and are enabled by the GPS on your smart phone’s map. VoiceMap’s walking tour app gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace. You can start these tours at any time and stop whenever and wherever you like, for as long as you like. You don’t even need to hit pause. The app uses your location to play audio automatically, at exactly the right time and place, and when you start moving again, playback will too. It also gives you directions, making it much easier to put your phone away and immerse yourself in your surroundings, not the screen. We offer these tours at a super affordable price, so check them out!

We currently offer a French Quarter Audio tour and a Garden District audio tour. Find out more about each tour below

Garden District Tour

Secrets of the Garden District Audio Tour

New Orleans’ Garden District is a delightful neighborhood characterized by beautiful antebellum homes and lush gardens. It’s also been home to a few eccentrics, scandalous souls, and some of the city’s most rich and famous residents. On this walking tour, I’ll pull back the curtain to this unique neighborhood and show you why it should be on everyone’s New Orleans bucket list.

Starting outside the Rink Shopping Center, you’ll make your way down the neighborhood’s picturesque streets, before finishing your walk outside Lafayette Cemetery. Along with hearing about the city’s architecture, you’ll also hear about some of the area’s famous former residents. I’ll point out the Italianate mansion once owned by novelist Ann Rice and later by actor Nicolas Cage. But this tour isn’t all mansions and megastars. I’ll also tell you about the city’s role in slavery, share its place in the Civil War, and reveal the reason so many stunning buildings survived the destruction of the war.

On this New Orleans tour, you’ll have a chance to take in:

• Buckner Mansion, the largest house built before the Civil War, made famous by its appearance in the TV show American Horror Story
• New Orleans Opera Guild Home, a beautiful example of an 1850 Greek Revival Double Gallery which made an appearance in the Oscar-winning film Django Unchained
• The breathtaking Swiss Chalet style house owned by Sandra Bullock
• Pritchard-Pigot House, which resembles a frat house
• The Seven Sisters houses, which weren’t built by a father wanting his seven daughters to live side-by-side, as some might have you believe
• Montgomery-Hero House, constructed for the president of the Crescent City Railroad, Archibald Montgomery
• Walter Grinnan Robinson House, the first home to feature indoor plumbing, decades before New Orleans sewage system, where a rain collection tank was installed on the roof

Perhaps it’s your first time visiting New Orleans, or you’re a local looking to take a deeper dive into one of the city’s most famous neighborhoods. Either way, this Garden District tour will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the area and its history.

Free French Quarter Walking Tours

The French Quarter: A Guide to its 300 Years of History

The French Quarter is a place of constant change, settled by the French, ruled by the Spanish, occupied by the Americans, and the second-largest port of entry for Italian immigrants in the 19th century. In the 20th century, it became a haven for artists, musicians, and bohemians. Then one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Often looking down on for being so “touristy” The French Quarter might be the oldest neighborhood in the United States. It has been continually occupied since the cities founding in 1718 and it features countless surviving examples of intact 19th century architecture. After the tour it will become apparent why New Orleans is Americas’ Most Interesting City.

Along the way, you’ll have a chance to:

• Learn about the Mississippi River and why the city was founded along its shores
• Take a break on Royal Street where some of the best musicians in town play right on the street
• See St Louis Cathedral, the oldest in the United States
• Find the Baroness de Pontalba’s identical townhouses and hear about her influence on the design of Jackson Square
• Appreciate the French Quarter’s unique architecture
• Hear about a pirate’s pardon at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar
• Pass some of the most authentic and original buildings in the French Quarter such as the BK Historic House and the Herman-Grima house
• Take in Bourbon Street and Storyville, New Orleans’ real-life red-light district

After taking this tour of New Orleans’ French Quarter, it’ll be clear why the district might be considered the most interesting neighborhood in America’s most interesting city. So, join me on this hour-long walk to sift through the stories of one of America’s most famous neighborhoods.