Nola Tour Guy was started by David G. Hedges an adventurous, fun-loving Chicago native who considers New Orleans his true home. At the age of 19, David traveled to New Orleans via hitchhiking and freight trains despite not knowing anyone in the city. He quickly became enamored with New Orleans and after finishing up college in Chicago, decided to move there permanently. In 2011, David pursued his tour guide license so he could share his passion for the city with others, but found that many existing tour companies were based out of state and offered only a cookie cutter, watered down version of New Orleans’ unique history. No one can truly feel the city’s energy or understand its dynamic layers on a large, crowded tour or in a blur on a streetcar. David knew he could do better and started his own company, Nola Tour Guy. On his tours, David imparts captivating history with grace and good humor and gives real depth to a complex, diverse city. Most of all, he aims to make these tours fun and engaging. Join David on a FREE tour and fall in love with New Orleans just like he has!.